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Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss


The 'virtual gastric band' method for weight loss using hypnosis has been in use for some time now and has generated a lot of positive results and positive press from the global media.


The effectiveness of hypnosis has been expanded to include the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss system, a non-surgical technique that imitates the real gastric band surgery, but without any of the negative side effects. Consisting of four hypnotherapy sessions, the program is designed to convince the mind and body that a silicon band has made the stomach smaller, enabling the client to eat less, reduce portion sizes, and feel satisfied eating smaller amounts of food.


When Sheila Granger, a Hypnotherapist in the UK, decided to include the 'virtual gastric band' concept into her practice, she ran a trial of 25 volunteers - of various ages, weight, gender, shapes and sizes - in a group setting. During the first trial, she saw the group for just 3 one hour sessions. She was astounded to record that 24 of the 25 participants lost over 14 stone (almost 90kgs) between them in only three weeks, and all but one reported a change in their eating habits.


The Virtual Gastric Band program has certainly attracted a lot of interest and media attention. You can watch a BBC report and find more information by visiting Sheila's website at


I trained with Sheila and now offer this successful program to clients. I'm excited to say that the results so far are positive, highly encouraging and a pleasure to watch.


The Virtual Gastric Band program is NOT a diet! You can eat anything you want.


The simple fact is that most people eat far more food than their bodies actually need. The Virtual Gastric Band program enables the client to think differently about food and form new habits that they can maintain, without feeling deprived, which makes sustained weight loss more achievable.


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