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End Yo-Yo Dieting


  Put an end to yo-yo dieting for good

  Lose Weight

  Maintain a healthy weight long term ...

  naturally and more easily with hypnosis.


End the continual cycle of dieting, losing weight, and gaining the weight back again. Most people now realize that strict diets do not work long term. So itís a good time now to do something different!


To lose weight, we are told to simply eat less and move our bodies more. For many people though, that is easier said than done.


Many people tell me their cravings for chocolate, or chips, or breads, or fizzy drinks etc are too strong to resist. They feel out of control and blame the food for keeping them overweight. Others realize they overeat when they are stressed, bored or upset, and often keep eating even when they are full. They donít want to eat a whole packet of biscuits, but can never seem to stop at just two.


Cravings, comfort eating and overeating are learned behaviours that are driven primarily by thoughts and emotions. Losing excess weight has more to do with managing our thoughts and emotions than managing food. This is because logically and consciously we all know exactly what we should be doing and eating to lose that excess weight Ö but at an unconscious level, something keeps pushing those buttons and triggering those unwanted behaviours.


Thatís why I use an approach that helps you to successfully eliminate cravings and emotional eating and change the way you think about food. Together, we address the real cause of the unwanted behaviour and reprogram it, allowing you to make positive healthy lifestyle changes much more easily, naturally and permanently.


If you are serious and genuinely want to:

1. be in control of your health and weight
2. build self-worth and feel good about yourself
3. create permanent healthy lifestyle changesÖ


then call or email me now using the details belowÖ and you may be surprised to find that, with my approach, four sessions may be all you need to get you back on track and be in control.


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Contact Details

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Evonne Fisher, B Soc Sc. (Couns), Dip C.H., Cert NLP Master
Telephone Number: (07) 3878 7730
Mobile Number: 0401 008 823
Email Contact:
or send an email to enquiries at

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